Towards better learning

Does your expertise require refreshing? We offer a wide range of educational opportunities in support of strengthening the knowledge of your staff.
  • Events:  We organize seminars and morning sessions where you get to meet colleagues, share best practices and learn about current topics.
  • Customized F2F training packages:  Do you need training of a certain topic for the all staff or a new employee? We monitor changes in regulatory requirements and keep you informed continuously. Ask us also to update your knowledge and skills up to date!
  • E-learning : Come and start the usage of the new educational landscape with us! Online training, digital training and e-learning are modern and effective solutions for a wide variety of training and learning needs and skills development.
    • Webinars: Our experts lectures on current issues reach the audience easily, irrespective of location.
    • Online training tools: We have training packages on various topics to facilitate the performance of full-staff training in documented, example PV- and GDP-training. 

Events in 2017

  • 29.9.2017 Medical Devices Morning (Finland, presentations held in Finnish)
  • 27.10.2017 Regulatory Affairs Morning (Finland, presentations held in Finnish)
  • 3.11.2017 Responsible pharmacist Morning (Finland, presentations held in Finnish)
  • 24.11.2017 Pharmacovigilance specialist Morning (Finland, presentations held in Finnish)
  • Autumn 2018  PV/RA/GDP Seminar (Latvia, presentation held in English)
  • During the year RA and PV – webinars on selected topic